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We are located on Central Florida, but we can move up to your location to prooceed with any work. Rocha Pothographers 15913 Bridgewater Ln, Tampa 33624 Florida. Telephone: 813 815 0820 Email:

What Client’s Say…

May 21, 2015
Rocha Photography has been our school photographer for the past several years. They have worked at not only at the Prep School, but also the Montessori Academy of Tampa Bay, the Montessori Academy of Temple Terrace and the Montessori Academy of New Tampa. Overall, they have taken pictures of generally 400 students each year.
The quality of the photography is outstanding. The photos contain depth and attention to detail as well as being creative in setting and background. Their prices are extremely reasonable and their customer service and presentation of the photos to parents is well received. They are flexible and willing to work with customers whether it is a Price related issue or an adjustment to the photos.
It is obvious they take great pride in their work. Their aim is to please every customer as best they can. We have used many photographers over the years and have found Rocha Photography to be superior.
Sonia A. Johnson, Montessori Preparatory School
Rocha Photography is excellent. I keep on looking at the pictures they took for our 50th wedding anniversary proudly and with pleasure. Every time that my children and grandchildren come to visit us Rochas takes unforgettable pictures.
Fort he wonderful experience and affection I highly recommend them with all my heart.
Oscar Gunther MD. Jacksonville, FL
Our experience with Fernando Rocha Photography has been exceptional. As a school, we have tried different photographers with the goal of capturing the vivaciousness and spontaneity of children for both individual pictures, group photos and pictures of school events. Leonor did an outstanding job in making this happen. She knows how to work with children and has the ability to get them to respond to her in an authentic way. Also, Fernando Rocha Photography has shown great flexibility in working with our schedules and special requests.

Not only have we been very satisfied with the quality of the photographs and the general experience, but so have the parents at our school, with comments such as, “This is the first year I have fallen in love with school pictures! Thank you, MSC and Rocha photographers, you really captured who they are.”

We look forward to working again with them in the next school year.

Karen Simon, Montessori School of Celebration
At Colegio Nueva Granada, the American School in Bogotá, Colombia founded in 1938 – we had the opportunity to work with Rocha´s photographers for the creation of our yearbook
during 4 years (2007-2010) This encompasses photographing
1800 plus students, 400 plus staff members and multiple sports and extra-curricular activities groups. The remarkable
quality and service provided by Rocha Photographers was
always highly appreciated by the School´s Administration as
well as the student and parent community. We are grateful to
have had their experience and expertise in our most traditional and important school publication.
Maria Isabela Gómez, CNG (since 2006)

Who we are!

Rocaph has been in the photography business for more than 30 years, providing photography services for schools, individuals and every type of sporting and/ or social event. Rocaph is comprised of Leonor Pinzon, a professional photographer and graduate from “Centro de Enseñanza de la Imagen” in Madrid, Spain, and Fernando Rocha a specialist in analog and digital photography.
We offer our clients advice regarding make up and attire, as well as provide an atmosphere where they are comfortable and relaxed, so they can obtain unforgettable and spontaneous pictures.
Our objective is to adapt to our clients in order to fulfill their needs and give them a wonderful way to remember remarkable events. We want to thank our clients for their confidence in us as we document these special and memorable events of their lives; and we would like to demonstrate our worth to our new visitors.